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DeSantis unPACs

In Florida, if a candidate wishes to coordinate with one or more super PACs, there is no legal issue. And, let's be honest, even if there was, the Florida legislature would just change the law to let Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) do it anyhow. Consistent with this, DeSantis has long benefited from his PAC Friends of Ron DeSantis, which he effectively runs, aided by friends of his. It's all very... incestuous, frankly.

When one is running for federal office, however, coordinating with PACs is a big no-no. Some (many?) politicians still do it, but they have to be at least a little subtle about it. They can send out a press release that says, "Boy, our polls show that we could benefit from some ads in Poughkeepsie, and it sure would be nice if someone would run some!" But they can't, you know, be on the board of the PAC, or have the PAC be named after them, or have their close friend serving as the primary accountant.

In view of this reality, DeSantis yesterday ended his official relationship with Friends of Ron DeSantis. The PAC will change its name and its management, and won't take orders from the Governor anymore. At least not directly.

Naturally, since this is a non-issue for candidates for state office, but a huge issue for candidates for federal office, this is a crystal-clear signal that DeSantis 2024 is still a go, despite the bad polling. It's also likely a sign that the Governor is going to jump in sooner rather than later. Which is probably wise at this point, because the "I'm not actually a candidate" thing isn't actually working for him very well. Might as well mix it up and see what happens. That DeSantis appears to be timing his entry into the race to come shortly after Trump's being found liable for sexual assault, and shortly before a likely indictment in Georgia, is surely just a big coincidence. Undoubtedly, this never even crossed the Governor's mind. (Z)

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