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GOP Launches Latest Smear Campaign against Biden

House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) and his GOP colleagues want so very badly to dig up some really juicy dirt on Joe Biden. They have made very little progress, however, which is making Republicans antsy. And so, yesterday, Comer held a press conference in which he asserted confidently that the President had committed terrible, and very possibly impeachable, acts of malfeasance. There's only one small problem here: a total lack of proof.

The basic argument goes something like this. The Chair says he's got evidence that several members of Biden's family received millions of dollars in payments from foreign nationals, money they were only able to get thanks to their family name. Given the number of Biden family members involved (allegedly nine) and the amount of money involved (allegedly $10 million), Comer says it's impossible that the President didn't know about it.

Thus far, although he is full of big, confident claims, Comer has yet to provide even a shred of documentation that attests to his assertions about the family members. And then, proving his "the President must have known" supposition is an even bigger hill to climb. There is no evidence, thus far, that Joe Biden was aware of any of this or that it influenced his decision-making in any way. Keep in mind also that cashing in on one's prominent and well-connected name, particularly if that name is presidential (or vice-presidential), is a longstanding (if icky) part of American politics. It does not make the famous and powerful holder of that name guilty of... anything.

We might also note that on Tuesday, Donald Trump was found liable for a sexual assault and "George Santos" was indicted for what turn out to be financial crimes. If you think it's a coincidence that Comer is pounding his chest and talking up a storm on Wednesday, well, we hope you're seeking treatment for any injuries you might have suffered when you fell off that turnip truck.

What it boils down to is this: Once you've actually got something, Mr. Comer, then please do share it. Until then, shut the hell up. Oh, and if you want to use your time more productively, and engage in some oversight of a presidential family where there might be some serious fishiness going on, there is the small matter of the multiple billions the Saudis gave Jared Kushner to manage. (Z)

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