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Whaddya Know? Giuliani Is a Sleazeball (Allegedly)

It would seem that one of the qualifications, if you want to be a part of Donald Trump's inner circle, is that you have to be a lech who treats women like possessions. The latest Trump associate to be accused of vile sexual conduct is Rudy Giuliani, who was sued yesterday for $10 million.

The plaintiff is Noelle Dunphy, who was hired to oversee business development for Giuliani's consulting firm. The complaint reads like a late-night Cinemax movie, or an issue of Penthouse Forum. Here are a dozen of the claims that Dunphy makes:

  1. Giuliani often worked sans clothes, and pressured Dunphy to do the same.

  2. Giuliani demanded that Dunphy perform sexual acts with and upon him, told her she would lose her job if she did not, and wore her down until she relented.

  3. Giuliani insisted that Dunphy watch extremely explicit BDSM pornography with him.

  4. Giuliani took Viagra like it was candy, and then when it produced the... desired result, would point and insist that Dunphy "take care of this" before starting work.

  5. Giuliani peppered Dunphy with phone calls (sometimes 20-30 a day) and graphic text messages.

  6. Giuliani was drunk morning, afternoon, and night.

  7. Giuliani said Jews need to "Get over the Passover. It was like 3,000 years ago. The Red Sea parted, big deal. It's not the first time that happened." He also said that all Jewish men have small penises (does he not know that Milton Berle was Jewish?).

  8. Giuliani said that Black and Latino men hit women because it is "in their culture."

  9. Giuliani, while working for Trump, regularly gave Dunphy access to classified materials.

  10. Giuliani bragged that he could do anything and get a pardon, and that he could also secure pardons for others if they had $2 million to pay. He said that this could not be done through the normal channels, however, because then there would be a paper trail that the news media might discover.

  11. Giuliani explained, in detail, the plan to steal the 2020 election if Trump did not win it legitimately. He held numerous planning meetings.

  12. And, after all this, Giuliani stiffed Dunphy on something like $1 million in salary.

We recognize that Giuliani has not been found liable for any of this, and that one cannot be sure that Dunphy is telling the truth. However, America's Former Mayor has engaged in all manner of shady behavior for at least 20 years, including sexual stuff, and at some point you no longer get the benefit of the doubt. Plus, Dunphy has text messages and recordings that back up at least some of her claims. Oh, and the behavior she describes is entirely consistent with someone who uses power to get sex, and who uses sex to feel powerful. So, we must say, we believe her.

All of this said, we are not passing this news along because of Giuliani. He's a pathetic excuse for a human being, and a minor player these days, having been banished from Trumparadise. We are passing this along because if the claims about Trump are true—specifically, that pardons were being offered in exchange for cash payments—that is serious, serious stuff. And it doesn't even matter if an actual sale was consummated, merely that the offer was made. If evidence can be uncovered that this actually happened, and it wasn't just empty braggadocio from a small man trying to look big, then it's another huge legal problem for the former president, a man who already has a snootful of them. Undoubtedly, special counsel Jack Smith has already added "look into alleged pardon payola scheme" to his to-do list. (Z)

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