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Today's Second-Tier Presidential Candidate News

Ron DeSantis is currently talking to the donor class, and he's making the argument that there are only three viable presidential candidates for 2024, namely Joe Biden, Donald Trump and himself, and that only two of the three are electable, namely Biden and himself. That's a pretty good assessment, from where we stand, of Biden, Trump, and the rest of the field. We're not so sure it's a good assessment of DeSantis (see above for more). In any case, whether the Governor is an also-ran or not, there are plenty of other candidates who are unquestionably also-rans at this point, and there was news about several of them over the last few days:

And there you have it. None of these folks is really worthy of an item all to themselves. But an omnibus item? Sure, we can do that. (Z)

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