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Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

For those who celebrate today's (and tomorrow's) holiday, we hope your celebrations go well. And yes, we know it's really "¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!" but that coding creates some issues in the headlines.

For everyone, including those who do not celebrate, we are going to use this as an excuse to squeeze one more item out of the Halloween season. And so, we'll start with a holiday-themed "poll" from YouGov. We put "poll" in quotations, because the pollster only released its data to The Washington Post (and not publicly), and the results actually appear to have been produced by drawing information from several polls.

In any event, knowing that Halloween was coming up, YouGov decided to ask people whom they would be most scared to have appear on their doorstep. The results for all respondents were given, and so too were the results for various demographics. Here are the rankings (so, for example, Kim Jong-Un was considered scariest by respondents in general, by men and by independents; second scariest by women; and fourth scariest by Democrats and Republicans):

Person Everyone Men Women Democrats Republicans Independents
Kim Jong Un 1 1 2 4 4 1
Vladimir Putin 2 2 1 2 5 2
Hunter Biden 3 4 4 NR 1 3
Xi Jinping 4 3 7 NR 8 4
Donald Trump 5 7 3 1 NR 5
Donald Trump Jr. 6 10 5 3 NR 7
President Biden 7 8 6 NR 3 8
Kamala Harris 8 5 8 NR 2 9
Mitch McConnell 9 6 9 NR NR 6
Ron DeSantis 10 NR NR 5 NR NR
Chuck Schumer NR 9 NR NR 7 NR
Eric Trump NR NR 10 6 NR 10
Matt Gaetz NR NR NR 7 NR NR
Jim Jordan NR NR NR 8 NR NR
Elon Musk NR NR NR 9 NR NR
Lindsey Graham NR NR NR 10 NR NR
Bernie Sanders NR NR NR NR 6 NR
Stephen Colbert NR NR NR NR 9 NR
Jimmy Kimmel NR NR NR NR 10 NR

While we know what is supposedly being measured here, we don't fully grasp what's really being measured. Hard to imagine that a goofy presidential son, regardless of their partisan identification, is even 1/100th as dangerous, scary, etc., as Xi Jinping. After all, Xi is one of the handful of people who has an answer to the question: "Yeah? You and what army?" Also, since the pollster did not release anything publicly, there's no way to know how many options respondents were given. For example, could you vote for "any Canadian, doesn't matter which"? Probably not, unfortunately.

The Internet also did a thriving business in Halloween-related memes yesterday, including plenty of a political bent. We also received a couple of suggestions, from readers J.L. in Los Angeles, CA and J.G. in San Diego, CA. And so, we present the ten best, in our view:

  1. This one is evergreen:

    Trick or treaters hear a voice from behind a front door
that says 'You want handouts? The candy is on the roof, maybe some will trickle down.' One of the kids thinks 'Oh, great, a Republican.

  2. This one makes a similar point:

    A libertarian has a candy vending machine outside

  3. We suspect a lot of readers can sympathize, particularly as they think about getting together with relatives at Thanksgiving:

    Nothing can scare me more this Halloween than hearing your political opinions.

  4. Today's Republican Party, Part I:

    A trick-or-treater advises that their parents don't believe in masks

  5. Today's Republican Party, Part II:

    A skeleton with a Moms for Liberty shirt hovers over graves labeled 'civil rights,'
'public education,' 'empathy,' 'critical thinking,' 'libraries,' and 'diversity.'

  6. Today's Republican Party, Part III:

    TRUMPKIN: Orange on the outside, Hollow on the inside, and should be thrown out in November

  7. And some equal opportunity mockery:

    Joe Biden says: 'I have just two words for you: Happy Halloween to everyone!

  8. You have to admit, the hair is spot on:


  9. This one might be a little TOO on the nose:


  10. And because we've been talking a lot about religion recently, we're going to count this as political. We checked with the judge, and she says she'll allow it:

    Jehovah's witnesses don't celebrate Halloween... I guess they don't appreciate random people coming up to their doors.

And onward to Thanksgiving! (Z)

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