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Republicans Are Trying to Take Control of the Election Machinery

Republicans are starting to come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter who gets the votes. What matters is who counts the votes. For example:

Election watchdog groups are warning that these changes and others like them could imperil public confidence in voting, something Republicans have been doing for decades. If people can't vote or don't believe their vote will be counted, then they won't vote. It is as simple as that. Of course, Republicans are hoping that more Democrats than Republicans will skip voting, but that is not guaranteed.

In some places, Republicans are trying to make election boards "fair" by having an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. In practice, that means if Republicans pull off dirty tricks, which they love to do, the board won't be able to do anything because it will be deadlocked. Of course, having partisan officials on election boards is a terrible thing in the first place. In just about every other democracy, elections are run by nonpartisan civil servants, not political appointees with an axe to grind.

Running an election is more complicated than it looks and takes much time. Deadlocked boards make it worse. What if the partisan secretary of state says every county shall have exactly five polling places, no matter if it has 10,000 voters or 1,000,000 voters, and the relevant election board is deadlocked and can't make a decision? And this is only one of many issues. (V)

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