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Some Bits and Pieces of Site Business

Normally, we would do this in a note at the top of the page, but there's enough stuff that we thought it better to do it here.

To start, we continue to get complaints that we've embedded the wrong video on [DATE]. We can assure you that it's nearly impossible for us to make that particular error. If you are seeing the wrong video, it is a 99.9999% chance that an older video has been cached by your browser. There are two workarounds for this. First, you can force reload the page, which is shift-F5 in most Windows browsers and shift-command-r in most Mac browsers. Alternatively, we endeavor to include a link to all embedded videos:

A screen cap from Sunday's page, 
where we embedded the Apple 1984 commercial

The black arrow at top right is pointing at the link to the embedded video.

Moving on, we had some e-mails about how our mobile version doesn't update as quickly as our regular version when we post each day's page. We made a slight change to our code, suggested by reader D.B. in Mountain View, that may resolve the matter. Failing that, we pass along this message from reader C.T. in Cape Coral, FL: "In the morning on my Android phone I tap the Next report button up right, then I tap the heading up left to the right of the Date. Finally I refresh the page by pulling down the screen until the circling arrow refresh icon appears. If the next report is up, the date up left changes." J.W. in Indianapolis, IN, concurs: "Just refresh the page on the phone and all is well."

We've also had readers point out, quite correctly, that when it comes to the Friday contest, readers who are: (1) on the East Coast, (2) awake early, or (3) on the East Coast and awake early have a big advantage. We have thought about ways to level the playing field, and haven't come up with anything we are enamored with. If you have a suggestion, let us know.

Also, we are working on something similar (but not identical to) the Bingo game we did for the first debate, just to keep things... well, something other than "deadly boring." If you're willing to help us with our preparations, here is a survey of things likely to be said during the debate. For now, all we need is for you to choose up to 10 items from the list that you think are most likely to be uttered. Please weigh in by 8:00 p.m. PT tonight. Thanks!

And finally, we got this message from reader J.P. in Guilford, CT on Sunday:

I was at the rally for Palestine in DC yesterday, and I can tell you that for a LOT of people, genocide is not a lesser evil. "Biden, Biden you can't hide, you're committing genocide" was popular. Biden has dug his own grave here by turning a blind eye and making excuses for killing on an unimaginable scale, that won't bring us any closer to peace. Many will be voting proudly against genocide, myself included. Some will vote Cornel West, and many, like me, will vote Green. There is nothing anyone can say to make me vote for genocide, so don't waste your breath.

We know there are a fair number of readers who share this basic sentiment. So, we would like those readers, including J.P. in Guilford, to consider sending us a message explaining their thinking. Among the questions you might address: (1) Do you believe Joe Biden and Donald Trump are equally bad when it comes to Israel?; (2) Do you believe Trump is an improvement over Biden when it comes to Israel?; and (3) How will a protest vote help the people of Palestine, in your view (especially if it helps elect Donald Trump)? We will run some of the responses later this week. (Z)

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