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The KKK Has Found Its Man

Usually, politicians love to get endorsements. Most of them don't mean much, but usually they don't hurt. Usually. Donald Trump loves endorsements and goes to great effort to get them. What if one is from the Ku Klux Klan Times? OK, we're kidding. The KKK paper is called The Crusader but it did endorse Trump. It endorsed him because it said America became great because it was a white, Christian republic and Trump wants it to be that again. Did you expect it to say that it was great because Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and that made cotton production using slave labor economical? No, it is more subtle than that.

But Trump's campaign rejected the endorsement. Can you believe that? Trump never rejects endorsements. Maybe somebody in the campaign had the brains to realize this was not going to help. Maybe nobody even told Trump about the endorsement and then issued the press release behind his back.

The reason we suspect the rejection might have been the work of the campaign staff and not Trump is that earlier this year, former KKK leader David Duke supported Trump, saying white people are threatened and Trump will protect them. Trump refused to rebuke Duke and took a lot of flak for it. Perhaps his campaign staff wanted this to go away quickly and quietly. It will be interesting, though, to see if Trump brings it up later. (V)

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