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More Detail in Georgia RICO Case Revealed

Part of the arrangement for the conspirators who took a plea deal in the Georgia RICO case was that they would sit for a recorded video interview under oath with prosecutors. There they told their stories. These recordings were made to ensure that in court they would tell the same stories. Telling conflicting versions of the same story under oath is one of those silly no-no's the courts have. Making up new stories in court that contradicted the earlier recordings would get them nailed for perjury. The recordings are a kind of insurance policy for the prosecutors to make sure the witnesses don't get cold feet after a few rounds of intimidation by Donald Trump.

Somehow, the recordings leaked out and The Washington Post got ahold of them and ran an article describing some new facts not previously public. The audio quality was poor on some of them, suggesting that they were not the original recordings, but that someone had a recording app going on a cell phone while the originals were being played. The interviews were from Jenna Ellis, Kenneth "The Cheese" Chesebro, Sidney Powell, and Scott Hall. None of the interviews are wildly incriminating, but every piece of evidence that Trump knew he was trying to overturn an election could help the case.

Here are a few of the new revelations.

There's more and parts of the recordings were inaudible. No doubt Fulton County DA has long had the originals transcribed and has the transcripts. Also, all the guilty parties know there were multiple witnesses in the room when they told their stories, so it is very unlikely any one of them will reflip in court. (V)

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