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Nevada AG Is Investigating the State's Fake Electors

When Republican zealots signed up to be fake electors in 2020, they probably thought it was fun and maybe they could help their hero, Donald J. Trump, stay in the White House, even though he clearly lost the election. Who knows, maybe Trump would even invite them to the White House for hamberders. Now, being a fake elector is not so much fun. Fake electors in Georgia and Michigan have already been indicted. Arizona AG Kris Mayes (D) is investigating the fake electors in her state. Now the fake electors in Nevada fear it is their turn.

Nevada AG Aaron Ford (D) has been quietly investigating Nevada's six fake electors for a few weeks now. One of them is the chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, Michael McDonald. Ford is also looking into the fraudulent documents the fake electors signed. He hasn't announced the investigation yet, but he has interviewed people who were involved in the scheme and the story leaked out. When Politico reporters contacted the fake electors, none of them were interested in having a chat with the Politico team.

Ford has to look at this carefully. There is no specific state law in Nevada banning someone from pretending to be a presidential elector, so he has to pick his charges carefully. Of course, there are laws about signing false documents, so Ford does have some possibilities here. (V)

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