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Angie Craig's Attacker Gets 27 Months

While we are on the subject of people attempting to attack members of Congress, on Feb. 9, 2023, a man named Kendrid Khalil Hamlin (27) followed Rep. Angie Craig (DFL-MN) into an elevator in her apartment building. He said he wanted to use her restroom. She declined, so he punched her in the face and tried to stop her from reaching the elevator keypad. She had a cup of hot coffee in her hand and threw it in his face. Then she was able to run from the elevator.

Craig said: "While this case has received much attention because I am a Member of Congress, that morning I was simply a woman followed into an elevator by a man and assaulted there." She also said the assault has greatly affected her and she is receiving professional help and self-defense training.

Hamlin pleaded guilty and was yesterday sentenced to 27 months in prison, a significantly less severe sentence than DePape could get, possibly because it was probably not politically motivated. There is no evidence that Hamlin knew Craig was a member of the House. Hamlin's parents addressed the court after the sentencing and said they found the attack "horrifying" and had been trying to get their son effective treatment for a decade. The judge recommended that Hamlin serve his sentence in a Bureau of Prisons medical facility. (V)

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