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Colorado Judge Refuses to Kick Insurrectionist Trump Off the Ballot

Lawsuits for using the 14th Amendment to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot are not doing well. The plaintiffs lost in Minnesota and Michigan last week, and on Friday lost in Colorado as well. Judge Sarah Wallace ruled that Trump did engage in insurrection against the United States but wasn't sure if the Fourteenth Amendment applied to the presidency.

The Fourteenth Amendment does not specifically reference the presidency the way it does the Senate and House. She ruled that in the absence of a clear constitutional mandate to have the section apply to the presidency, it was better to leave it up to voters. It took her 102 pages to say this, though.

Since the people trying to dump Trump are now 0 for 3, it is growing less likely that any of the attempts in other states will win. If Trump is to be beaten, it will likely have to be at the ballot box, not in the courts. (V)

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