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Utahns Hold True to Form

Republican Chris Stewart, who represented UT-02, resigned back in September to help take care of his ailing wife. Last night, residents of the district went to the polls and chose former Stewart aide Celeste Maloy as his replacement, 57.4% to 33%. UT-02 is R+11, which means a generic Republican should win roughly 54.5% to 45.5%. So, Maloy overperformed the baseline by a bit.

Maloy is a fairly garden-variety Western Republican. Her #1 issue is land management, while she's also anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-reducing spending, pro-military, and anti-immigrant. As is pretty much required for Utah politicians, she's a member of the LDS Church. She isn't Trumpy, however, and her campaign website pointedly avoids any mention of him. We shall see how well she meshes with her new colleagues. (Z)

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