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Trump Disdains Christians? You Don't Say...

If we are certain about anything in modern politics, it is this: Donald Trump cares nothing for Christianity, Christians or the Bible. In fact, we are certain that he thinks all these things are stupid. He's willing to pretend in the event that there's something in it for him, namely the support of evangelical voters. He's also more than willing to lambaste evangelical Christians, if he believes they are not with him.

You haven't heard much lambasting from Trump, as the evangelicals climbed on board the S.S. Trump about 6 years ago, and nothing since has caused (most of) them to change their thinking. But back in early primary season 2016, the (un)holy Trump-evangelical alliance had not formed yet, and the evangelicals were flirting with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as their champion. According to a forthcoming book from Tim Alberta, formerly of Politico and now of The Atlantic, The Donald had some very choice things to say about (certain) evangelicals at that time.

The particular event that lit Trump's fuse was a moment when he, in an effort to show that he really does love Jesus, talked in an interview about his favorite Bible verse. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told the would-be president to work that into the discussion. The problem was that Trump said his favorite verse is in "Two Corinthians." Not the best way to establish his credibility, since the proper way to refer to that book is "Second Corinthians." Shortly thereafter, Perkins endorsed Cruz, and Cruz began making jokes about Trump's "mastery" of the Bible.

All of this left Trump angry and embarrassed and, naturally, suspicious of a conspiracy. And so, he said to one Iowa political operative: "You know, these so-called Christians hanging around with Ted are some real pieces of sh**." Alberta also says that Trump returned to that subject over the years, and "would use even more colourful language to describe the evangelical community." Specifics are not in the excerpt that's been released, but they are presumably in the book.

We seriously doubt there is anything that can undermine Trump's golden idol status with the evangelicals, since they are clearly willing to bend over backwards to excuse any and all bad behavior on his part. But just in case this is the one that finally lands, we pass it along. (Z)

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