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Henry Kissinger Is Dead

Undoubtedly, readers are aware by now that former NSA and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger passed away yesterday at the age of 100. If you would like to read an obituary, they are easily had, from outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, the BBC, the Associated Press and Fox. Unfortunately, Drew Ortiz' write-up for Sports Illustrated is still pending.

We don't see a lot of value in adding yet another standard obituary, so we're working on something a little different. Maybe it will work out well, maybe not, but at very least we want to take time to try to get it right. So, instead of rushing it for today's post, we'll have it tomorrow.

If readers have comments on Kissinger and/or his legacy, we welcome them, and we will probably incorporate some of them into our coverage tomorrow. (Z)

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