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Crematoria of Democracy?

If states are the laboratories of democracy, per Louis Brandeis, where new ideas can be tested, improved, and propagated, then surely it must also be the case that states can be places where old ideas, including some good ones, can be lit on fire, and burned to a crisp.

As a case in point, we give you the state of North Carolina, which has been moving in a decidedly dictatorial-fascist direction for a while, and which really put the pedal to the floor in the last few weeks. Among the changes wrought by the GOP-controlled legislature:

We wish we could write that there's hope that these obviously undemocratic maneuvers will be undone, but hope is pretty slim at the moment. Cooper and other Democrats have sued to block the new election-management law, but it's 50/50 at best that they will prevail. There's little that can be done about the secret police, and the U.S. Supreme Court has already given indications that a gerrymandered map is A-OK, as long as it's not a racial gerrymander. How one can tell the difference between the "non-racial" gerrymander in North Carolina (23% Black) and the "racial" gerrymander in Alabama (31% Black), we do not know. Nor does anyone else seem to know, either. (Z)

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