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Mike Johnson, Mystery Man

Speaker James "Mike" Johnson is one of the least vetted House speakers ever. Consequently, journalists and oppo researchers are running to their computers to type "Johnson" into Google, which indeed pulls up a lot of information, not all of it relevant. Searching for "Mike Johnson" gets 167 million hits in less than half a second of trying:

Google search brings up 168 million hits for 'Mike Johnson'

One of us, namely (Z), had a college roommate named Michael Johnson, a plumber named Michael Johnson, an actor he directed in a play named Michael Johnson, a lawyer named Michael Johnson and another plumber named Michael Johnson. So, it is likely that some sizable number of those Johnsons aren't the Johnson that now runs the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, Johnson is 51 years old and has a track record. Sooner or later, reporters are going to find it. Some themes are already starting to emerge, including these:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Johnson spent years working for a group whose goal was to embed Christianity in the public schools. That could be a treasure trove for Democratic oppo researchers and reporters. And there could be all kinds of unknown unknowns. (V)

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