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The Trouble with Biden

No, not that Biden. The other one. The Democrats, in 2024, are really hoping that abortion will be the issue that powers them to victory in many races. The Republicans, in 2024, are really hoping that Hunter Biden will be the issue that powers them to victory in many races. The relevance, or lack thereof, of those two issues probably says a little something about where each of those two parties is these days.

As it turns out, with one possible exception, Hunter Biden isn't proving to be the cudgel Republicans had hoped for. In races for offices other than president, Joe Biden's name does not appear on the ballot. And in those races, Republican candidates are having a hard time convincing voters that: (1) Joe Biden has responsibility for Hunter's misdeeds, and (2) that somehow this alleged scandal is germane to non-presidential contests. Yes, hardcore Trumpers are convinced, but they're already voting Republican anyhow. If Hunterpot Dome doesn't land with anyone beyond that, then it's of no use, politically.

And then there is the presidential race. Barring a change of plans, Joe Biden's name will indeed appear on those ballots. And Donald Trump has been harping on Hunter Biden on a regular basis at his rallies and on his boutique social media platform. Maybe this is helping Trump, maybe it's not—certainly, as noted, the base eats it up. For the other presidential candidates, however, it's not exactly a winner. The problem is that if they talk about the deep and abiding corruption of the Biden administration, they are just affirming one of the main themes of Trump 2024, and so are aiding and abetting the Donald's own campaign. That might be just fine with Vivek Ramaswamy, but for the others, it's not good. They may not be willing to attack Trump, but they also don't want to help him.

It is certainly possible that things could change, particularly if Hunter Biden ends up going on trial. But, as things stand, expect to hear Trump continue to obsess about the First Son, while every other Republican... looks for something else to talk about. (Z)

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