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Biden Is Running Ads in North Carolina in Time for Football

Football is big in the South, even in Southern states with "North" in their name. Joe Biden knows this, so his latest ad aimed at North Carolina is just in time for the fall NFL season. The ad will air during the primetime season opener between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs. Here is the ad:

The ad is about inflation being down to 3%, unemployment being the lowest in decades, and manufacturing jobs being up. It is the kind of ad designed to appeal to football fans, a.k.a., disproportionately men. The economy really is in pretty good shape, but the word hasn't gotten out yet, so he is going to harp on it until everyone knows. This ad is part of a $25 million ad buy in the swing states. It will run on television and digital. Also, a recent poll shows that 70% of Americans don't know about the Inflation Reduction Act, which has numerous incentives for people—for example, rebates for buying energy-efficient products.

Biden isn't the only one advertising in North Carolina now. Americans for Prosperity, the baby of the remaining Koch brother, is running an ad encouraging Republicans to vote for someone other than Trump in the March 5 Republican primary. It's been known for a while that Charles Koch is no fan of Trump, but now he is putting his money, of which he has a lot, where his mouth is. While the AfP ad doesn't tell people to vote for Biden, by dissing Trump, it could make him less attractive to independents, which is also useful to Biden. (V)

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