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The Pre-game Show Is about to Start

The courts move slowly, but they do move. Donald Trump has been indicted in four jurisdictions (D.C., Florida, Georgia, and New York). The dates have been set in some of them, but all are subject to change, partly in response to motions by the prosecution or defense and partly simply to avoid any overlap. In any high-profile trial, there are many pretrial motions. That show will start to occur big time this week, although there were a few somewhat relevant motions and decisions last week. Note that some of the motions and decisions may be under seal, at the discretion of the judge. That means they won't be made public until later, if ever. Here is a brief rundown of the state of play in each case.

Those are the known unknowns, but with four criminal cases and two civil cases (Carroll's and Letitia James') also out there, there are plenty of unknown unknowns as well. (V)

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