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Trump Goes on Meet the Press

Chuck Todd retired from Meet the Press last week. Yesterday his replacement, Kristen Welker, made her debut and it was a dilly. She interviewed Donald Trump for an hour last Thursday and it was aired yesterday. Here are brief summaries of some of the things he said:

The page linked to above has multiple video clips of interview fragments on it.

During the interview, Trump frequently lied or made misleading claims. Here are some of the biggest whoppers:

None of these are even close to the truth. But in Trumpworld, truth is irrelevant. What matters is what Trump says. One thing he said that may or may not be true is that Melania will soon be back on the campaign trail with him. So far this year, she hasn't appeared with him a single time. We can only speculate about what he is going to have to offer her to get her to show up with him. Maybe a shiny new pre-nup in case she decides to divorce him after Barron has graduated from college, has a job, and no longer needs Trump's funding? She kind of has him over a barrel on this. (V)

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