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Debate Takeaways

As always, we watched the debate and wrote our assessment without looking at or listening to anyone else's commentary. Well, OK, staff dachshund Otto barked at DeSantis every time he came on screen, but we didn't let that influence us unduly.

Because the debate happened fairly early in the evening, there's been time for pretty much everyone to do takeaways pieces. So now that our thoughts have been put to paper (or to pixels, at least), let's see how others had it:

The New York Times:

The Guardian (UK):

The Associated Press:

Al Jazeera:

NBC News:

The Washington Post:


The Hill:

So, the running themes are: (1) people are attacking Trump finally; (2) still, Trump wins by not being there; (3) Haley did well; (4) Scott got meaner; (5) Ramaswamy got nicer and (6) it was tough to watch. That is about how we saw it, too. (Z)

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