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Foreign Affairs, Part III: Trump Gets THE Endorsement

The 2024 election cycle can officially begin, because the endorsement that everyone has been waiting for has finally dropped. Liz Truss, former Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has come out in support of Donald Trump.

Truss was on LBC, which in California means "Long Beach, California," but in Britain apparently means Leading Britain's Conversation. It's basically the Brits' version of NPR. And while being interviewed, she said: "I don't think [Joe] Biden has been particularly supportive to the United Kingdom. I think he's often on the side of the EU. And I certainly think I would like to see a new president in the White House." She added, for anyone who might think she means Cornel West, that "It has to be [Donald Trump]."

Most international leaders, even if they are out of office, have the good taste not to comment directly on other nations' elections. Everyone knows who Emmanuel Macron or Justin Trudeau or Tony Blair or Angela Merkel would like to win the election, but none of them says it openly. They have the skill to communicate their views without being too direct. Truss, on the other hand, is reminding everyone why she couldn't last in office longer than a head of lettuce.

Her endorsement probably won't have any impact, but if it does, it will likely be negative. After all, her party is currently a sinking ship, while her own premiership sank so fast it brought Titanic to mind. It's hard to think of an international leader whose endorsement would be less desirable, unless it's Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-Un, and Trump's already got those. (Z)

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