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Democrats Are Winning Senate Money Race

The Q1 numbers are in, and while the Democrats have a tough Senate map (a fact we might have mentioned once or twice), they've got to be happy with their fundraising. Here are the totals for the various races that are at least somewhat competitive:

State Democratic Republican Dem Advantage
Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, $12M Bernie Moreno, $1.8M $10.2M
Montana Sen. Jon Tester, $8M Tim Sheehy, $2.2M $5.8M
Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin, $5.4M Eric Hovde, $1.1M $4.3M
Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, $7.5M Kari Lake, $3.6M $3.9M
Nevada Sen. Jacky Rosen, $5M Sam Brown, $2.2M $2.8M
Texas Rep. Colin Allred, $9.5M Sen. Ted Cruz, $6.9M $2.6M
Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, $4.6M David McCormick, $3.5M $1.1M

We often caution against reading too much into fundraising takes, since money translates into votes at a very inefficient rate, and since there are so many places that money might flow to (PACs, national committees, presidential candidates, etc.) that looking at any one candidate or set of candidates might be misleading.

That said, it's better to have more money than less, and the blue team's advantage is both sizable and consistent across races. That probably does mean something. Further, the DSCC has to be thrilled that its most vulnerable candidates (Brown and Tester) are doing the best job of leaving their opponents in the financial dust. In particular, do you know how far an extra $6 million or so goes in Montana? Tester could probably buy every ad spot on every station in the state for the entire month of October, plus a round of Rocky Mountain oysters for everyone, if he wanted. (Z)

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