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Even without a Trial There Was Trial News Yesterday

God waited until the seventh day to rest, but he didn't have to put up with Donald Trump. Judge Juan Merchan couldn't take it and had to rest after just 2 days' work.

OK, not entirely. Merchan decided that for the rest of Trump's trial, there will (probably) be no session on Wednesdays, just to give him time to deal with other cases on his docket. There could be other important matters that can't wait the 6-8 weeks Trump's trial is expected to take. Merchan will use Wednesdays to deal with them. However, if Trump's lawyers gum up the works with frivolous motions, the Judge has reserved the right to continue the trial on Wednesdays, if need be. He is clearly a no-nonsense judge and wants to move things along. It is not unusual for judges to reserve one day a week for other matters during a long trial.

The judge wants to keep the jurors' identities secret, but nosy reporters want to know. So far seven jurors have been chosen, and ABC News has compiled what it knows about them as follows:

Our take: Juror 4 finds Trump mysterious, but we doubt he will fight the two lawyers to the death in order to get a hung jury. So far, there is not a lot to cheer Trump, but another five jurors are yet to be selected, plus six alternates. We think the chance of an acquittal on all charges is basically zero, so Blanche's game has to be going for a hung jury.

Former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori is worried that the public could figure out who some of the jurors are, based on this information and some other information that has been made available. He is worried about the jurors' safety. Based on the above information, that might not be enough, but it's still a concern. Of course, if one of the jurors writes a book about the trial later, it will be harder to stay anonymous, but that is the juror's own choice.

Jury selection is not the only thing that happened yesterday. Merchan ruled that Trump may not attend oral argument for the Supreme Court immunity case. He is required to be in Merchan's courtroom for the entire trial. There is no particular reason for Trump to attend the Supreme Court argument, though. His lawyers will make the best case they can and there is no special reason why he needs to be there. After yesterday's session, Trump said that Merchan thinks he is more important than the Supreme Court. That is patent nonsense. There is a good reason to be in the courtroom when you are on trial on a criminal charge, but no real need to be at the oral arguments. The lawyers can handle that perfectly well. (V)

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