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Today's Presidential Polls

We are still in the lets-send-them-a-message season. The Marquette poll of Wisconsin first gave the respondents many choices. It was Trump 41%, Biden 40%, Robert Kennedy Jr. 13%, Jill Stein 4%, and Cornel West 2%. When they were forced to choose between only Biden and Trump, it was 49% to 51%. This tells us that there are still a lot of protest votes out there and we don't know how they will really come down in the end. If Kennedy is still at 13% by October, the Democrats are going to ask some friendly billionaire to start running ads saying "If you don't trust vaccines, vote for Kennedy." There is plenty of footage of Kennedy to back that up. That will attract Trump voters. If Kennedy is really running to help Trump, he hasn't thought this out very carefully.

State Joe Biden Donald Trump Start End Pollster
Michigan 36% 42% Apr 08 Apr 11 Marketing Resource Grp.
Wisconsin 49% 51% Apr 03 Apr 10 Marquette Law School

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