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Fox Continues to Pretend Trump Is Not on Trial

On Monday, we noted that Fox didn't seem to be terribly interested in the upcoming trial of Donald Trump. Today we have proof of it. Here is a screenshot of the top of yesterday's Fox website:

Fox News Website Apr 17

As you can see, none of the top 19 stories even mention the fact that Trump is on trial. Trump does get a mention, though. The #3 story is that former AG Bill Barr, who had recently rediscovered his spine in an attempt to rehabilitate himself, has decided to put it in storage again as he endorsed Trump. There is also big news that some student in North Carolina used the term "illegal alien" and got suspended for 3 days. There is also a story about how to avoid potholes and one about how Molly Ringwald thinks her 1980s movies were too white. With big news like that, there is obviously no room for an item on the trial.

While just about every normal media outlet had a story near the top yesterday about Day 2 of the trial, Fox didn't think it was newsworthy. Editorial decisions like this have consequences, though. For people who get their information exclusively from the Fox website, they are probably unaware that Trump is on trial. If challenged, they are probably going to defend the position that he was not on trial and stories about a trial are all fake news. (V)

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