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RFK Jr.: Feud With Family Is Getting Warmer

Things are not yet as heated as they will become, we suspect, but more than a dozen members of the Kennedy family joined Joe Biden in Philadelphia yesterday to formally endorse the President for reelection, and to share their view that people should not vote for their cousin/brother, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is nothing like his father.

To his credit, Junior handled the anti-endorsement with class, writing on eX-Twitter: "I hear some of my family will be endorsing President Biden today. I am pleased they are politically active—it's a family tradition. We are divided in our opinions but united in our love for each other. I hold this as a possibility for America too. Can we disagree without hating our opponents? Can we restore civility and respect to public discourse? I think we can."

We will see if this civility continues as the campaign wears on. If the Biden campaign continues to see RFK Jr. as a threat, then members of the Kennedy clan will presumably become regular attendees at campaign events, just to remind everyone where they stand. Further, it is very probable that Kerry Kennedy, daughter of RFK Sr. and thus sister of Junior, who spoke immediately prior to Biden yesterday, will be given a prime speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention. Incidentally, it is probable that Donald Trump's campaign events will also feature regular attendance by members of the clan, but not the Kennedys, and not spelled that way.

And as long as we are on the subject of RFK Jr., his VP choice is paying the sort of dividends she was selected to pay—literally. Yesterday, Nicole Shanahan donated $2 million to the Kennedy/Shanahan campaign. We don't know what she thinks she's buying with that money, exactly, but it would seem she can afford it. (Z)

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