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This Week in Schadenfreude: Trump Does Warrant This Space Sometimes

There is a sports-media-focused site called Awful Announcing that used to do a weekly rundown of the three worst "takes" from sports talking heads each week. And after a year or so of that feature, they decided to permanently retire several people from further consideration because those people (Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd, if you are wondering) said so much stupid stuff that they were taking up most or all of the list every week. Those two were thus graduated to the bad sports take Hall of Fame, so that the feature could have a wider breadth of coverage.

Similarly, Donald Trump is someone who could theoretically appear in this space just about every week. The same is true of certain members of Congress, like Marge Greene. But that would get tiresome. That said, we don't want to promote anyone to the Schadenfreude Hall of Fame, because every once in a while we might like to feature these folks.

Such is the case with Trump this week. He does so many eyebrow-raising things that... well, it doesn't really raise eyebrows much anymore. But sometimes it's worth a reminder that this is a man with many... concerning liabilities. This week, quite a few of them were on display:

So, that's four deadly sins, which is a pretty good week's work. Did he also indulge in some gluttony, lust and despair this week? Probably so, but those things are so common for him that they make the news even less often than the other four. (Z)

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