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Greene Continues to Threaten to Force a Vote on a Motion to Vacate

On Fox yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) got an extra 15 minutes of fame by saying that she is serious about introducing a motion to vacate the chair—that is, to fire Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). She says there are three Republicans who will vote to vacate, so bingo, he's history.

Not so fast, Marge. She is counting on all the Democrats also voting to vacate the chair. That may not be the case. No doubt there have been numerous discussions between Johnson and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) recently. Surely, one topic of discussion was the quid pro quo for Johnson agreeing to fund aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. We imagine that Johnson asked for a promise that enough Democrats would vote against the motion to save his job. Other concessions may also have been made back and forth. Welcome to coalition government.

As evidence that there was a deal made, yesterday progressive Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) told ABC's Jonathan Karl: "I disagree with Speaker Johnson on many issues, and I've been very critical of him. But he did the right thing here and he deserves to keep his job until the end of his term." That does not sound like an "aye" vote on the MTV. Khanna is surely not the only Democrat who thinks like this. What is surprising is that it took Johnson so long to make a deal with the Democrats. It was obvious months ago that was the only way to save his job.

If Greene finally pulls the trigger and the motion fails due to Democrats bailing Johnson out, the Freedom Caucus will have been neutered. They will, in a manner of speaking, cut off a different Johnson than the one they intended. It will be extremely painful for the FC's members because it will mean that its power to throw a monkey wrench in the works whenever it wants to is gone. There will be a lot of noise, many idiots, much sound and fury, signifying nothing. (V)

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