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Republican Senate Candidates Have a Bad Week

Republicans often pick extremely wealthy (and frequently carpetbagging) candidates for the Senate. That saves the NRSC money, since the candidates are able and willing to spend tens of millions of their own dollars on the campaign. But this strategy sometimes comes back to bite them in the rear, especially when the candidate has various skeletons in their closet that come out or the candidate is caught lying or misleading voters. When the Republicans run House members or governors for the Senate, this doesn't happen as much because the candidates have already been vetted. But when they are new to politics, surprises happen. Consider these faux pas from just last week:

There is a fourth rich Republican businessman running for the Senate this year: Bernie Moreno in Ohio. We didn't include his scandal about (apparently) signing up on an adult website looking for "Young guys to have fun with"—because that came out earlier than last week. Plus, we already wrote about it.

By November 6th or 7th, we'll have a pretty good idea of how the plan of running (out-of-state) rich businessmen for the Senate works. But even if all four go down, we don't think the Republicans will abandon the idea. Not having to pay for their campaigns is enormously valuable, and if they win, not having to tell them that cutting taxes for rich people is a priority smooths their transition into the Senate. (V)

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