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Some of the Squad Members Are Going to Face Tough Primaries

The Squad consists of six outspoken progressive women of color and two outspoken progressive men of color. All of them are Democrats, or at least caucus with the blue team. The Squad tends to get a lot of attention. In particular, most of them have been critical of Joe Biden's support for Israel in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attack on that country. Not everyone likes what they are selling and that has led to serious primary fights for some of them. AIPAC is going to pour tens of millions of dollars into defeating them in primaries, so several of them will have the fights of their lives this year. All of their districts are deeply blue, so if they are defeated in the primaries, all that means is that they will be replaced by a different Democrat. Republicans have no chance of winning any of their districts. Below is a brief rundown of the eight members and what may await them:

In short, at least four of the Squad members are going to face a contentious primary with a well-funded opponent. (V)

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