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Bye, Ronna

When it comes to Ronna Romney McDaniel, the writing is on the wall in big, red letters, and it says "REDRUM." Wait, no, that's a different message written on the wall in big, red letters. The message for McDaniel is, for all intents and purposes, "You're Fired."

As we wrote yesterday, Donald Trump has not been shy in the past couple of weeks about suggesting that it's time for a change in leadership at the RNC. Since our post went live yesterday, there were three additional developments:

  1. RNC chief of staff Mike Reed announced that he would step down at the end of the month to "focus on his family."

  2. Trump met with McDaniel for 2 hours at Mar-a-Lago, and then said he would make recommendations for changes to the RNC's leadership after the South Carolina primary.

  3. McDaniel issued a statement in which she said she is willing to step down from her post after the South Carolina primary.

You never know with Trump, of course, and there are Republican insiders who insist that this situation is still "fluid." But McDaniel's continued employment as chair of the RNC certainly appears to be a longshot.

The apparent favorite to replace McDaniel is South Carolina Republican Party chairman Drew McKissick, which would explain why all this has to wait until after South Carolina's GOP primary is over. McKissick isn't going to be any more successful than McDaniel, or McCartney, or McDuck, or Dr. McCoy or MC Hammer, because the RNC's problem is Trump. However, a change in leadership will make things very interesting indeed if the Committee somehow ends up in the position of choosing a new nominee, should Trump become unavailable. (Z)

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