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Some Takeaways from the Appeals Court's Decision

Yesterday we ran a letter about the "immunity" decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. from a reader in Los Angeles, A.R., who is a lawyer. That summarized the legal aspects very well. But there are also political aspects. The Washington Post's Aaron Blake lists four of them, as follows.

Of course, these things hold only if the Supreme Court sustains the appeals court's ruling. If they reverse it, all bets are off.

For what it is worth, Ty Cobb (Trump's former lawyer, not the dead baseball player) said: "The immunity case should be a 9-0 case on the Supreme Court. It is very clear that the president doesn't have immunity from criminal prosecution. You are weighing an argument that there is no precedent for, and is found nowhere in the Constitution." (V)

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