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Marianne Williamson Is Out

Another presidential "candidate" bit the dust yesterday, as Marianne Williamson announced that she is suspending her campaign. For those who noticed that Saturn is in retrograde, Venus is rising, and the moon is in the fourth house, this news will come as no surprise. You could also look at Williamson's abysmal results in the three primaries so far, and know the end was nigh, but that's kind of the boring way, isn't it?

What on earth was the point of all this? We presume that Williamson expected a repeat of 2020, where she got some attention (and presumably sold some books) by virtue of making a couple of debate stages. She apparently did not realize that the dynamics are rather different when the nominee is a done deal before the primaries even start. As a consequence of that, the only debate stage Williamson made was a local debate with Rep. Dean Phillips (DFL-MN) in New Hampshire. We are a politics-centered site, and even we didn't cover it. That should give you a pretty good sense of how many books she sold that night.

And speaking of Phillips, the ball is in now your court, Mr. Representative. Perhaps you should take a close look at what's going on with Uranus these days. (Z)

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