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A Great Day for Donald Trump, Part III: Old Nevada Moon

This news isn't anywhere near as consequential for Donald Trump as the two stories above, but it's still good news for him: He destroyed Ryan Binkley, the only other candidate on the ballot in yesterday's Nevada caucuses, 99.2% to 0.8%. Trump gets 26 more delegates as a result.

In addition, there were also Republican caucuses yesterday in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The results there were more typical since, unlike Nevada, there weren't two different elections with two different sets of candidates. Anyhow, Trump took 74% of the Virgin Islands vote, while Nikki Haley took 26%. Presumably, the Haley campaign will put out a statement tomorrow reminding everyone that their candidate did not campaign in the Virgin Islands, and did not spend any money in the Virgin Islands, so you shouldn't infer anything from the results.

In the end, there is only one inference that matters, and anyone and everyone is going to make it whether or not Haley likes it: Donald Trump is going to be the Republican candidate for president this year, barring some personal disaster that renders him unavailable. Haley effectively admitted as much this week, telling reporters that she's definitely not dropping out before Super Tuesday. That, of course, means that once Super Tuesday rolls around in just under 4 weeks, and she gets steamrolled yet again, then she'll throw in the towel. That said, one wonders if a humiliating defeat in her home state on Feb. 24 might shorten her timeline. (Z)

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