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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Black Is The Color of My True Love's Hair

Last week's headline theme was on the tough side, as we predicted it would be. Here is the answer key, courtesy of M.H. in Ottawa, ON, Canada:

The second hint got it for me: Each contains the name of a Nobel laureate!

Very impressive, M.H.! You even caught the two special cases (the two Bucks, and Way/Einstein). The first hint, as a reminder, was that the theme was explosive, in a manner of speaking. The second was that solving the puzzle is a Nobel pursuit, at least for those who can't spell. Both are references to Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, and founder of the Nobel Prizes.

Here are the first 25 readers to get it right:

  1. B.M. in Chico, CA
  2. G.G. in Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  3. B.U. in St. Louis, MO
  4. M.B. in Marietta, GA
  5. T.P. in Woodland Hills CA
  6. E.P. in Long Beach, CA
  7. T.K. in Half Moon Bay, St. Kitts
  8. M.A. in Park Ridge, IL
  9. S.K. in Drexel Hill, PA
  10. N.H. in London, England, UK
  11. M.S. in Canton, NY
  12. T.F. in Craftsbury Common, VT
  13. M.B. in Albany, NY
  14. K.R. in Austin, TX
  15. D.E. in High Springs, FL
  16. A.A. in South Orange, NJ
  17. F.Y. in Ann Arbor, MI
  18. D.O. in Brookline, MA
  19. J.D. in Boston, MA
  20. D.K. in Orofino, ID
  21. D.M. in Burnsville, MN
  22. Z.K. in Albany, NY
  23. T.L. in West Orange, NJ
  24. G.K. in Blue Island, IL
  25. M.H. in Ottawa

We also heard from several readers who are personally acquainted with one or more of the Nobel laureates we named; apparently Andrew Fire really gets around. We also got a sizable number of incorrect, but creative, guesses. Perhaps none more so than this from J.G. in Covington, KY, for an answer of "The Holocaust":

Not what we were thinking, obviously, but we are inclined to count this as a winning answer, nonetheless. Although we wouldn't actually use anything Holocaust-related as a theme, given our rule against making a game of human suffering.

As to this week's theme, they're all song titles, so that means that all of the words to the right of the colon matter, and that the Trivial Pursuit category would be Arts and Entertainment. For an additional hint, we'll say that we originally had a title of a song performed by Miley Cyrus, but then decided she didn't count towards the theme.

If you have a guess, send it to, preferably with subject line "February 9 Headlines." (Z)

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