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Poll: Biden Is Too Old to Run Again

The newest poll from ABC/Ipsos contains bad news, good news, and strange news for Joe Biden.

First, the bad news: A staggering 86% of respondents think that Biden is too old to run for another term. Obviously, that number includes the roughly 45% of Americans who would say that even if Biden was 40, and some additional percentage who are being influenced by the Hur report. Still, that's a really, really high number. Oof.

Now, the good news: 59% of respondents also think that Donald Trump is too old to run for another term. That means that as long as it ends up Biden vs. Trump, the age issue is going to be somewhat mooted. And, in fact, since the 27% who think Biden is too old at 81, but Trump isn't too old at 77, are presumably mostly/all Trumpers, then the age issue may be mooted entirely. Of course, if Trump isn't the candidate, and we end up with Biden vs. a Republican who is not eligible for Social Security, then all bets are off.

And finally, the strange news: 3% of respondents think that Trump is too old, but Biden is not. Do they not realize Trump is younger? Or are they interpreting "old" creatively, to mean something like "fit"? Who knows. But when you include this 3%, it means the gap between Biden's too old (86%) and Trump's too old (60%) gets a little smaller.

And that is today's old news. (Z)

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