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Biden Impeachment: GOP Hopes Are Shattered

Continuing with headaches for the Republican Party, their efforts to paint the Biden family as a bunch of crooks have hit some rather large snags this week. We already had an item about how the key "witness" (in fact, the only "witness") to Hunter Biden's alleged shady dealings, Alexander Smirnov, turns out to have been full of it. His lies were so transparent that they've not only been disregarded by the Justice Department, they've also led to his indictment. Smirnov was arrested yesterday (actually, to be precise, he was re-arrested).

Since we wrote that item, there have been a number of new, and very relevant, developments:

In summary, the chances of a Hunter Biden trial, particularly before the presidential election, have grown much smaller. Meanwhile, the key witness that might be used in a Joe Biden impeachment has gone south, and the most infamous source of evidence appears to have done the same. Further, pressing these matters could serve to remind voters that Republican politicians are broadly in the thrall of the Russians, and more specifically that they keep falling victim to Russian spies. Even Rep. James Comer (R-KY), who was beating the impeachment drum most loudly, has backed off noticeably. This story would appear to be nearing its conclusion. (Z)

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