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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: The Big Break

Readers were all over last week's headline theme. We'll let reader F.Y. in Ann Arbor, MI, do the honor of laying it out:

Each headline contains a chess term, hence the "Black and White" and "Russian" clues. This one seemed impossible for a while, but thanks in large part to both clues, things fell into place. My wife and I were making noises about a re-watch of that wonderful Netflix series The Queen's Gambit. This may just do the trick. Even though I'm at a loss for things to do on this Sunday, I'm glad you two took a probably much-needed day off.

Thanks, F.Y.! The only thing we'd add is that when a king is checkmated in an Arabian Mate, the rook is involved, too.

Here are the first 25 readers to send in the solution:

As to this week's theme, it relies on some (but not all) words on the right side of the colons, it fits in the Trivial Pursuit category Arts & Entertainment, and boy is it appropriate on a day where we have a lot of items about Donald Trump. If you have a guess, send it to with subject line "February 23 Headlines." (Z)

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