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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Forged in Fire

Here's the answer key to last week's theme, courtesy of D.M. in Burnsville, MN

These are all "reality" TV shows:

We gave the hints that it was appropriate for a day with so many Donald Trump stories (because, of course, he hosted The Apprentice), and that if anyone was not seeing the theme, it might be because their life is not surreal enough (The Surreal Life being another reality show, as is Forged in Fire).

Here are the first 25 readers to get it right:

  1. G.K. in Hillsborough, NJ
  2. K.R. in Austin, TX
  3. G.M. in Chevy Chase, MD
  4. D.L. in Uslar, Germany
  5. B.F. in Madison, WI
  6. R.H. in Corning, NY
  7. D.S. in Layton, UT
  8. A.S. in Fairfax, VA
  9. L.W. in Nashville, TN
  10. H.B. in Croydon, England, UK
  11. S.C. in Deerfield, NH
  12. S.G. in Durham, NC
  13. B.M. in Chico, CA
  14. J.N. in Zionsville, IN
  15. D.S.S. in Bentonville, AR
  16. K.K. in Oostburg, WI
  17. J.F. in Fayetteville, NC
  18. R.D. in Cheshire, CT
  19. S.J.V. in New York City, NY
  20. C.S. in Cincinnati, OH
  21. R.P. in Brooklyn, NY
  22. L.D. in Bedford, MA
  23. B.U. in St. Louis, MO
  24. S.W. in Winter Garden, FL
  25. S.F. in Hutto, TX

S.J.V. noted that not only are they all reality shows, but they are reality shows where the host did not become president of the United States. Fair enough, but don't count out Ryan Seacrest quite yet.

As to this week's theme, it relies on just one word in each headline, and it's (pretty much) in the Trivial Pursuit category Sports & Leisure. As to a hint, we'll tell you that the original headline of this item was Freshwater Blue, but we changed it because we decided it was in poor taste.

If you have a guess, send an e-mail to with subject line "March 1 Headlines." (Z)

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