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This Week in Freudenfreude: Strong Medicine

During their coverage of Tuesday's elections in Michigan, MSNBC grabbed a local for a woman-on-the-street interview. Her name is Susan Titus, she's an 80-year-old grandmother, and she looks it. It's possible the network saw "elderly and white" and thought they might be putting a Trump voter on the air, in the name of "balance." At very least, they certainly expected an assessment of the election that was restrained, possibly kindly, and certainly G-rated.

They did not get it, as you might guess. Titus is not only on top of the issues, she has very strong opinions about Donald Trump, and she's not shy about sharing them, even on national TV. Here is the video, if you'd care to watch it for yourself:

If you don't choose to watch, what she said was this:

NATO is a bulwark against Russian aggression and [Trump] was ready to walk out of that. There are other ways he treated the people of Muslim religious background. His dirty mouth. I think he's pretty much an asshole, to coin a phrase, and it's terrifying to me, at 80, to think that he would be one of the last presidents. He could decimate social programs that I've been committed to and worked on for a very long time, and so there's a whole variety, as well as his personal way of dealing with people and the world.

We're leaving that uncensored because it went out live, just like that.

The video has since become a meme; widely shared on social media. And note that we are using this for freudenfreude not because of what she said, per se, but because Titus was given a platform, and she seized it without thinking twice, all the while confounding the expectations of the MSNBC reporters. You go, Susan!

Have a good weekend, all! (Z)

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