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South Ocean Blvd Is a One-Way Street

Apparently, South Ocean Blvd., which runs in front of Mar-a-Lago, is a one-way street. Ronna Romney McDaniel practically prostituted herself for Donald Trump, echoing all his lies, defending the indefensible, trying to set up a slate of fake electors in Michigan, and doing a lot of stuff that she knows very well members of her LDS church don't approve of, all the while knowing that it was morally wrong. When NBC News dumped her, did Donald Trump at least come to her rescue?

That's where the one-way street comes in. Trump demands total loyalty from everyone, but even when they give him 100% of what he demands, with no qualms or hesitation, does he try to help them out when they get in trouble for following his directions? What a silly question. So it is with poor Ronna. She learned the hard way. If Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were alive, he could write a play about what happens when you sell your soul to... Donald Trump.

Yesterday, instead of defending McDaniel, Trump mocked her. He said: "Wow! Ronna McDaniel got fired by Fake News NBC. She only lasted two days, and this after McDaniel went out of her way to say what they wanted to hear. It leaves her in a very strange place, it's called NEVER NEVERLAND, and it's not a place you want to be." He has been unhappy with her for a while, but this goes beyond anything he has said before. When she was spouting his lies and trying to arrange for fake electors in Michigan, he didn't seem to object to her very much.

Trump wasn't the only member of his team who tried to make hay out of this. A headline at Fox read: "NBC's ousting of Ronna McDaniel reinforces status as anti-Trump, pro-Biden network." (V)

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