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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Bitter Sweet Symphony

Here's the solution to last week's headline theme, courtesy of reader F.W. in Franklin, WV:

All of the headlines contain a word whose definition describes a group of people.

We gave the hint that even USC Alumni could solve this one; several readers rightly wrote in to point out that we are assuming, very possibly wrongly, that more than one person has graduated that institution. Fair point; we apologize for the poor writing. Just because there are lots of Trojan lambskins doesn't mean there are lots of Trojan sheepskins.

Here are the first 30 readers who got it right:

  1. N.H. in London, England, UK
  2. M.B. in Albany, NY
  3. A.P. in Kitchener, ON, Canada
  4. C.H. in Atlanta, GA
  5. J.N. in Zionsville, IN
  6. D.D. in Carversville, PA
  7. G.W. in Avon, CT
  8. J.A. in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  9. J.D.W in Baltimore, MD
  10. P.D. in La Mesa, CA
  11. D.L. in Springfield, IL
  12. B.M. in Chico, CA
  13. J.A.B. in Marbury, MD
  14. W.L. in Springfield, MO
  15. B.D. in Marietta, GA
  16. R.C. in Eagleville, PA.
  17. M.S. in Canton, NY
  18. M.Z. in Sharon, MA
  19. M.W. in Frederick, MD
  20. F.W. in Franklin
  21. G.D. in Munich, Germany
  22. J.S. in Germantown, OH
  23. N.S. in Chicago, IL
  24. M.R. in Concord, MA
  25. M.L. in West Hartford, CT
  26. J.B. in Waukee, IA
  27. A.H. in Espoo, Finland
  28. E.S. in Cincinnati, OH
  29. D.B. in Pittsboro, NC
  30. L.B. in London, England, UK

We've got our own British invasion going on here.

As to this week's puzzle, it's in the category of Arts & Literature, it relies on just one word per headline, and a hint is that if you can't figure it out, don't beat yourself up. Note that, per our policy of not making a game out of certain kinds of stories, the headlines for the items on abortion, Israel and the death of Joe Lieberman are NOT a part of this one.

If you have a guess, send it to with the subject line "March 29 Headlines." (Z)

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