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The Trump Bible: Preaching to the Choir?

With the item above, we knew there was more to the U.N. resolution story than was apparent at first glance, even if we didn't know exactly what that "more" was. Now, we have a clearer picture.

On the other hand, when we wrote about Donald Trump's new $59.99 Bible, we missed something very obvious that several readers wrote in to point out. If he can take a few hundred thousand rubes for sixty bucks of their hard-earned lucre, then great. But the real scam is that it will theoretically allow churches to funnel large amounts of money to Trump without running afoul of federal laws about campaign contributions and/or non-profit status.

Of course, for this to work, the churches have to be on board. Thus far, it does not appear to be going well. Trump's new business partner, Lee Greenwood, has been making the rounds to respond to the very loud, very broad criticism of the project. His theory is that it's just leftists who hate Trump. Could be, but CNN talked to a number of Christian pastors who are none-too-comfortable about the project. Maybe they are just Trump-hating leftists, too, or maybe a Trump-backed Bible, complete with patriotic texts and verbiage that sounds a lot like theocracy, is just a bit too on point. It could be that the Trump Bible will be joining Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks and Trump Airlines on the scrap heap. (Z)

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