Electoral College Score Icon

Here are some icons you can put on any blog or web page. When the page is loaded, the browser goes to this site to fetch and display the icon with the current electoral college score. Clicking on the icon takes you to this site. The icon is a .png image file, which all modern browsers understand. The icon comes in three sizes. Depending on which size you want, copy and paste the corresponding code into your web page at the position you want the icon.

Click for www.electoral-vote.com <a href="https://www.electoral-vote.com/"><img border="0"
alt="Click for www.electoral-vote.com" width="144" height="96" /></a>
Click for www.electoral-vote.com <a href="https://www.electoral-vote.com/"><img border="0"
alt="Click for www.electoral-vote.com" width="72" height="48" /></a>
Click for www.electoral-vote.com <a href="https://www.electoral-vote.com/"><img border="0"
alt="Click for www.electoral-vote.com" width="72" height="36" /></a>


Flash Applet

Ryan N. Freebern, a professional web designer and blogist, has written a Flash applet that interfaces to this website. Using this applet it is possible to place a small 'icon' on a web page. When that page is loaded or refreshed, the applet goes to this site, fetches the electoral-vote score, and displays it on the web page. It is more flexible than the simple icon above (e.g., it can be scaled smoothly to different sizes). Like the simple icon, it also serves as a hyperlink to this site. To get and install the applet on a web page, proceed as follow.

1. Download and save evp04.zip
2. Unzip the file and save 'evp04.swf' on the server
3. Download and save the code to embed in the web page: object.zip
4. Unzip the file and save 'object.txt' on the server
5. Edit 'object.txt' and replace 'MOVIE-URL' with the local path to 'evp04.swf'
6. Copy 'object.txt' and paste it on your web page. Here is an example web page
7. Make sure you have the Flash 7.0 plug-in from macromedia installed


Web Services Interface

Dietrich Ayala, a senior web developer, has written a web services interface to this site, complete with WSDL definition for the SOAP interface. The URL for the HTTP GET interface is https://dietrich.ganx4.com/president/server.php?rest. The method is registered at xmethods.net.

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