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Kerry 252   Bush 286  
Senate: Dem 51   GOP 49  
House: Dem 233   GOP 202  

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strong Dem Strong Dem (146)
weak Dem Weak Dem (37)
barely Dem Barely Dem (69)
tied Exactly tied (0)
barely GOP Barely GOP (37)
weak GOP Weak GOP (66)
strong GOP Strong GOP (183)
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News from the Votemaster

According to CQ Politics, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) will head the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in 2008. His goal is simple: Take back the Senate. He is taking over the job from the hapless Sen. Liddy Dole (R-NC), who lost six seats in 2006. Ensign will have a tough job since the Republicans have 21 Senate seats up for reelection vs. only 12 for the Democrats, whose 2008 committee (the DSCC) will continue to be headed by pitbull Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). In 2006, Schumer outraised Dole, found better candidates, and did the impossible by winning control of the Senate. His performance impressed everyone in town and nobody is underestimating him in 2008. The key races to watch are Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and South Dakota, but retirements could put more seats in play as well. For information on all 33 2008 Senate races, click here.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has announced he is running for President. Anyone can dream, of course, but it would take the collapse of half a dozen other candidates to put him in the running. For the lineup, click here.

Sillylittletwit at Daily Kos made a list of how much of a gain the Democrats need to make in 2008 to take over the state Houses and Senates in states where the Republicans control the chamber by 10% or less. Here is the list. For example, if the Democrats can pick up an additional 2% of the seats, they will control the Montana House.

1 Montana House: 2.0% %
2 Oklahoma Senate: 2.1%
3 Tennessee Senate: 3.0%
3 Wisconsin House: 3.0%
5 Ohio House: 4.0%
6 Texas House: 4.7%
7 Nevada Senate: 4.8%
8 North Dakota Senate: 6.4%
9 New York Senate: 6.5%
10 Arizona House: 6.7%
10 Missouri House: 6.7%
12 Oklahoma House: 6.9%
13 Delaware House: 7.3%
14 Michigan Senate: 7.9%
15 Kentucky Senate: 8.0%
16 South Dakota Senate: 8.6%
17 South Carolina Senate: 8.7%
18 Georgia House: 9.4%
19 South Carolina House: 9.7%
20 Alaska House: 10.0%
20 Alaska Senate: 10.0%
20 Pennsylvania Senate: 10.0%
20 Virginia Senate: 10.0%

This page is the prototype for 2008. The data and map will refer to previous elections until serious polls begin in 2008. The blog will be updated when there is interesting news about the 2008 races.

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This map shows the current Senate:

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