Senate Candidates 2018

Here is a list of the 2018 Senate candidates as far as they are current known. The color of each line indicates which party currently holds the seat. An asterisk after a candidate's name indicates that he or she is an incumbent running for reelection.

The map hugely favors the Republicans. Ten Democratic senators are up in states Donald Trump won. Only one Republican is up in a state Hillary Clinton won. Seven Democrats are in states with a Republican PVI (Partisan Voting Index). In addition, Democratic turnout is normally way down in the midterms, giving the Republicans a boost independent of the map.

On the other hand, the president's party is normally whacked badly in the midterms. In 17 of the 20 most recent midterms, the president's party lost seats in the Senate. In short there are factors leaning in all directions, but most of the signs favor the Republicans.

State Democrat Republican 2012 Results PVI
Arizona Kyrsten Sinema Martha McSally 49% R R+5
California Dianne Feinstein* Kevin de Leon (D) 63% D D+12
Connecticut Chris Murphy* Matthew Corey 55% D D+6
Delaware Tom Carper* Rob Arlett 66% D D+6
Florida Bill Nelson* Rick Scott 55% D R+2
Hawaii Mazie Hirono* Ron Curtis 63% D D+18
Indiana Joe Donnelly* Mike Braun 50% D R+9
Maine Angus King* Eric Brakey 53% I D+3
Maryland Ben Cardin* Tony Campbell 55% D D+12
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren* Geoff Diehl 54% D D+12
Michigan Debbie Stabenow* John James 59% D D+1
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar* Jim Newberger 65% D D+1
Mississippi David Baria Roger Wicker* 57% R R+9
Missouri Claire McCaskill* Josh Hawley 55% D R+9
Montana Jon Tester* Matt Rosendale 49% D R+11
Nebraska Jane Reybould Deb Fischer* 56% R R+14
Nevada Jacky Rosen Dean Heller* 46% R D+1
New Jersey Bob Menendez* Bob Hugin 59% D D+7
New Mexico Martin Heinrich* Mick Rich 51% D D+3
New York Kirsten Gillibrand* Chele Farley 72% D D+11
North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp* Kevin Cramer 50% D R+16
Ohio Sherrod Brown* Jim Renacci 51% D R+3
Pennsylvania Bob Casey* Lou Barletta 54% D EVEN
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse* Robert Flanders 64% D D+10
Tennessee Phil Bredesen Marsha Blackburn 65% R R+14
Texas Beto O`Rourke Ted Cruz* 57% R R+8
Utah Jenny Wilson Mitt Romney 65% R R+20
Vermont Bernie Sanders* Brooke Paige 71% I D+15
Virginia Tim Kaine* Corey Stewart 53% D D+1
Washington Maria Cantwell* Susan Hutchison 61% D D+7
West Virginia Joe Manchin* Patrick Morrisey 61% D R+20
Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin* Leah Vukmir 51% D EVEN
Wyoming Gary Trauner John Barrasso* 76% R R+25