House Retirements 2020

In every election cycle a certain number of representatives retire or run for other offices leaving behind open seats for their parties to defend. Here are the number of retirements in recent years:

Year Democrats Republicans
2018 18 34
2016 8 20
2014 16 25
2012 23 20
2010 17 20
2008 6 27
2006 9 18

So far this cycle 9 Democrats and 25 Republicans are retiring at the end of their current term.
Here are the announced retirements so far, sorted on PVI (Partisan Voting Index).
Any seat between R+5 and D+5 is a swing district that has to be fought over, even more so
if occupied by the other party.

Representative Party District PVI Reason for retirement
Mac Thornberry Republican TX-13 R+33 If he can't be a high-ranking committee member anymore, he's not interested.
Mike Conaway Republican TX-11 R+32 If he can't be a high-ranking committee member anymore, he's not interested, either.
Tom Graves Republican GA-14 R+27 Illness: He's sick of Donald Trump
Roger Marshall Republican KS-01 R+24 He is running for Pat Roberts' Senate seat
Rob Bishop Republican UT-01 R+26 If he can't be a high-ranking committee member anymore, he's also not interested.
John Shimkus Republican IL-15 R+21 Doesn't like being in the minority
Martha Roby Republican AL-02 R+16 Alabama may lose a district in 2020
Bradley Byrne Republican AL-01 R+15 Running to unseat Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL)
Mark Meadows Republican NC-11 R+14 Wants to help Trump in other ways than being in the House
Francis Rooney Republican FL-19 R+13 Doesn't want to be on board the S.S. Trump anymore
Paul Mitchell Republican MI-10 R+13 He hates the bitter partisanship in D.C.
Jim Sensenbrenner Republican WI-05 R+13 He's 76 and has been in Congress over 40 years. What's the point of staying?
Bill Flores Republican TX-17 R+12 God and his wife told him to spend more time with his family
Greg Gianforte Republican MT-AL R+11 Running for governor of Montana
Greg Walden Republican OR-02 R+11 Doesn't relish another two (or more) years in the minority; too moderate for the modern GOP
Pete Olson Republican TX-22 R+10 Was facing a rematch of a race he nearly lost in 2018
Ted Yoho Republican FL-03 R+9 Said he would serve only four terms, and is going to stick with that
Susan Brooks Republican IN-05 R+9 She is a moderate in a far-right party
Paul Cook Republican CA-08 R+9 Is running for San Bernadino Board of Supervisors
Kenny Marchant Republican TX-24 R+9 He would probably lose
Rob Woodall Republican GA-07 R+9 He would probably lose
Sean Duffy Republican WI-07 R+8 He has a baby with heart problems on the way, and says he wants to help care for it
George Holding Republican NC-02 R+5 His newly drawn district favors the Democrats
Peter King Republican NY-02 R+3 At 75, says he's weary of the job
Will Hurd Republican TX-23 R+1 He would also probably lose, and is also a moderate in a far-right party
Dave Loebsack Democratic IA-02 D+1 Originally planned to serve only 12 years, but stayed 2 more
Denny Heck Democratic WA-10 D+5 He misses his wife and is weary of being in Congress
Nita Lowey Democratic NY-17 D+7 She's 82 and has been in Congress 31 years
Pete Visclosky Democratic IN-01 D+7 Democrats are moving too far left for his taste
Ben Ray Luján Democratic NM-03 D+8 Running to replace retiring Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM)
Joe Kennedy Democratic MA-04 D+9 Kennedy is challenging Sen. Ed Markey in the Democratic primary
Susan Davis Democratic CA-53 D+14 She says she wants to live at home in San Diego
Tulsi Gabbard Democratic HI-02 D+19 Says she is focusing on her longshot presidential bid
Jose Serrano Democratic NY-15 D+44 Serrano has Parkinson's disease