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A December to Rhymember, Part I: Of Mantises and Atlantises

When we launched this feature last year, somewhat on a whim, the inspiration and the first target was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). The Senator has now been supplanted in the hearts and minds of many Americans with a rather similar sort of fellow from a state to the east. And so, we shall begin with him this year. First up, from M.A. in Park Ridge, IL:

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Oh, oops. Not that one. Sorry.

And now comes a man named DeSantis
With all of the charm of a mantis
He likes to punch down
And to speak with a frown
Soon the country will learn what his rant is

And from K.C. in Los Angeles, CA:

So here we've got Ronald DeSantis
As charming as a praying mantis
He wants to be prez
No matter what the vote says
Let's send him to run on Atlantis

As you can see, there aren't so many things that rhyme with "DeSantis," so the Governor might not make quite as many appearances this year as the Senator did last year. Though you never know; we pick the verses based on that day's news, so if he calls for an end to the Constitution, we could have a whole week of praying mantis rhymes.

As always, submissions welcomed here. (Z)

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